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    SAGrader is an online, writing-to-learn environment that provides fast, content
    specific feedback on students’ writing, encouraging them to revise their
    writing and actually learn the material for as little as $5 per student.
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SAGrader :: Help your students learn through revision. Increase learning with writing and feedback. Spend less time grading and more time teaching.

SAGrader provides instant, content-specific feedback on students’ writing to help them revise their writing and really learn the material for as little as $5 per student.

With coursepacks available in two subjects, and options for many more subjects, we’re here to help you bring writing back to your classroom.

  • Easy setup
  • Flexible pricing
  • Excellent customer support

"When teachers realize what this can do they will be hooked!

"Pam Thomas, University of Central Florida
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Student Account Setup

SAGrader is easy to set up and saves tons of grading time. Plus, it is rigorously tested to agree with human scorers.

Increase learning with writing and feedback

Students get personalized feedback and the opportunity to revise their work. SAGrader focuses on assessing content and ideas.

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Video for Instructors

SAGrader for Instructors

Monitor student learning by tracking individual and classwide performance on specific learning objectives.



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