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Feedback and Scoring

Assessment is fast, personalized, content-focused, consistent and accurate.

SAGrader improves the writing process by providing immediate feedback to guide revision. Below is an example of the feedback one student received from their psychology assignment on Gestalt psychologists.

Explain how Gestalt psychologists understand perceptual organization, including a discussion of form perception, depth perception, and perceptual constancy.

SAGrader feedback is:

  • Immediate. Students get feedback in just a few seconds.
  • Specific and actionable. Students know exactly how they need to improve in future revisions.
  • 100% consistent and unbiased. Students are always graded according to the exact same standard.
  • Accurate. Studies have shown SAGrader agrees with human scorers 93% - 98% of the time.
  • Content-focused. To encourage deep thinking about content knowledge.
  • Personalized. No pre-packaged comments.