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Case Studies

SAGrader is loved by instructors and students all over the country.

Pam Thomas | Biology at University of Central Florida | Full PDF

"This program has absolutely saved my life this semester, if I didn't have it I would have died with my teaching load. When teachers realize what this can do — they will be hooked!"

Andrew Johnson | Psychology at Park University | Full PDF

"The SAGrader system adapts to the student and gives the less prepared student more learning opportunities without taxing the instructor."

Joe Swope | Psych at Montgomery County Public Schools | Full PDF

"SAGrader allows teachers to focus their efforts on students that need help rather than spreading their attention too thinly on everyone."

Lloyd Chia | Sociology at Spring Arbor University | Full PDF

"I believe students are more motivated to grasp concepts and theories … through SAGrader they have to engage these concepts as 'producers' of knowledge."

Testimonials from students

The feedback is the best thing about SAGrader. Knowing exactly what I missed in order to help my overall grade is awesome. I’m a first time SAGrader user and I LOVE IT!!

— LaSharee
It helped me with the material that we covered. It made me think and it helped me remember information better.

— Robert
It actually became fun after I became used to it and understood what it was looking for. I liked being able to submit assignments multiple times. I always got a kick out of finally seeing 100% pop up at the top of the page.

— Greg
[I like] being able to submit multiple times and getting the opportunity to make your grade better.

— Keith
I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to revise and resubmit. The feedback is the foundation for revisions and improvement upon the work.

— Brian
I like the SAGrader because it helped me point out my mistakes and what do I need to correct. It gives me chance to do some research and think what do I need to do to get a highest grades.

— Maricel