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SAGrader supports writing assignments designed to assess content knowledge.

SAGrader works best for high school or college-level content area classes. If you teach biology, psychology, sociology, business, or history, you're in the right place.

SAGrader emphasizes the assessment of content knowledge. It's great for homework assignments that check for students' knowledge and understanding of your course content. It doesn't work as well evaluating general writing skills, creative writing, or persuasive skills.

Use SAGrader for short answer questions, term papers and anything in-between. Writing activities can cover a range of cognitive levels from factual recall and analysis to interpretation and argument.

SAGrader is great for:

  • A short answer question that asks students to describe the parts of a plant cell.
  • An essay describing the contributions of Sigmund Freud.
  • An essay outlining each branch of government and its primary function.

But not a good fit for:

  • A persuasive essay about the death penalty.
  • An essay you want to evaluate using 6-trait writing.
  • A short story about the student's earliest childhood memory.

Assignments that work well in SAGrader

The following examples are actual SAGrader writing prompts taken from a variety of disciplines. These prompts demonstrate just some of the types of assignments SAGrader can handle well.

  • U.S. Government (The Fed)
    Describe the structure and function of the U.S. Federal Reserve. What is its most important function? Why have some people called it 'the most powerful branch of government'?
  • Sociology (Social Deviance)
    Read the following description of Warren's life. Identify 6 social deviance concepts that are illustrated in the story. For each concept that you identify, provide a definition and quote the passage of the text that illustrates that concept.
  • Psychology (REM sleep)
    Discuss in detail the characteristics of REM sleep. Identify both the neurological and physiological effects caused by REM sleep. Describe the stages of the sleep cycle that occur before REM sleep. What distinguishes REM sleep from othe sleep stages?

Reuse an existing assignment

You're welcome to browse the assignments other classes are using. We can often modify assignments to include your lecture or textbook content.

Build a new assignment

We just need an outline of your answer key and we'll take it from there.

Download the Customized Assignment Template for detailed instructions and examples.